12 - 18 Business Days - Excludes public holidays. Note: this excludes custom stops. 
Some products has warranties on default problems - please check product specific. 
Yes we do
We provide authenticity cards and there are QR codes printed on the products. They can be scanned to check the originality of the product.

Simply mail us your list at orders@dentotech.co.za 
On the basis of the volumetric weight (LxBxH) of the parcel divided by the per kg rate provided by the courier company.
The dead weight of the parcel .
Also, Dentotech is not liable for any custom clearance charges. We pay the export taxes and shipping charges only. Customer can be held accountable for the intake of those charges by the courier company. If you do not wish to pay the clearance charges at the destination customs , your order will be returned back to us and refund will be processed after deducting the forward, reverse shipping and other processing charges.
Unfortunately, no changes can be made once the order has been placed as the products are imported.
However, if you still require your concern to be addressed on priority , drop us an email at orders@dentotech.co.za 

Refund consumable product will take 30 days to complete. On other imported items product will be send back to manufacturer for refund and this will take 45 days to complete. Dentotech will pay for the collection of the product and sending back to the manufacturer - no cost / risk  to client.