AAA Fiber Post With 4 Drills

High-Intensity quartz Fiber resin post. Consists special drill to make an exact match with fiber resin post. Fiber posts have esthetic advantages. Fiber posts cannot corrode like base metals (including stainless steel) can. The stiffness (Elastic Modulus) of fiber posts is like the tooth structure, they function with the tooth instead of against it, in helping to prevent fractures and other problems. More fatigue resistance. High-intensity quartz Fibre post 4 drills is a special drill used to make an exact match with the fiber resin post. INDICATIONS: More and more endodontically treated teeth are being restored using fiber & reinforced composite posts (fiber posts), primarily because they are safer to use. These posts are more easily removed, aesthetic, conserve tooth structure, and provide improved fracture resistance to these compromised teeth. Dimensions of the Posts Yellow- 1.20mm (diameter), 18 mm Length Red - 1.40 mm (diameter) , 18mm Length Blue - 1.60mm (diameter), 18mm Length Black - 1.80mm (diameter), 18mm Length Advantages. Resilient fibre material Radio-opaque Long posts allowing deep bond. More dimension options. High-intensity Glass fiber post has a special drill to make an exact match with the fiber resin post 10 x posts yellow marked 5 x posts red marked 5 x posts blue marked 4 x drills