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Waldent Rubber Dam Kit of 21

WALDENT RUBBER DAM KIT Waldent introduces another set of classic instruments for maintaining the most integral part of dentistry that is Isolation. Rubber Dams are used in Dentistry for isolating the operating field during clinical procedures and hence improve the prognosis. MAINTENANCE INSTRUCTIONS: Must clean after every use with warm water to remove blood , tissues and mucus from the instruments Ultrasonic cleaning is recommended for all the instruments specially articulated instruments such as forceps, rongeurs, etc Use only standard and reputed brand of disinfectant solutions. STERILIZATION: We recommend that the temperature does not exceed 120C Dry heat sterilization see that temperature does not exceed 180C and there should be no long exposure as this would cause discoloration, loss of temper and this in turn would disturb the hardening of the instrument Description WALDENT RUBBER DAM KIT 3 - Winged Clamp for Small Lower Molars, 4 - Winged Clamp for Small Upper Molars, 12A - Winged Clamp for Right Lower Molars, 13A - Winged Clamp for Left Lower Molars, 8A - Winged Clamp with deep festooned beak for Molars, 00 - Winged Clamp for Premolars & Pedo cases Packaging (Punch & Forceps Included) 1 x Metallic Dental Dam Frame (Adult) 1 x 6" Metallic Dental Dam Frame (Medium) 1 x Metallic Dental Dam Frame (Pedo) 1 x Rubber Dam Frame Hygiene 5 (Plastic Frame) Rubber Dam Clamp Holder 13 x Clamps Pack (2A, 7 , 8, 8A, 12A, 13A, 14, 14A, 12A, 212 , 6, 209, 210, 211) Dental Clamp Forcep Ivory Dental Dam Punch # Ainsworth (17cm) Features Made up of Rostfrei Stainless Steel Easy nomenclature for identification Corrosion resistance alloy Suitable for all types of Disinfection solutions