Micro Mega R-Endo

R-Endo: first method for the endodontic retreatment. A simple protocol with 5 instruments (Rm,Re,R1,R2,R3). Files especially dedicated to endodontic re-treatment: tapers, pitches and lengths are adapted to each zone of the canal space. Efficient removal of the previous filling material. Parietal cleaning of the root canal. Clear and easy identification of the file: the colour of the handle gives its taper. Respect of the initial canal path. Reproducible results. Canal preparation after R-Endo® allows obturation with your usual filling method. The endodontic re-treatment comprises two steps: coronal conditioning precedes re-preparation of the canal. The latter can be achieved with a specific sequence using NiTi rotary instruments called R-Endo®; this is the first total concept dedicated to endodontic re-treatment. In the same way as for HERO 642® and HERO Shaper®, the R-Endo® sequence has been developed by the R&D Laboratory of MICRO-MEGA®. It is adapted to the materials generally encountered during endodontic re-treatment such as gutta percha and filling pastes. Efficiency, flexibility, parietal cleaning of the canal, respect of the canal anatomy, safety and short procedural time are the major advantages. R-Endo® files allow apical irrigation to aid the disinfection of the apical zone and ideal preparation of the canal for three-dimensional filling. Pack of 5 Files