Dmg Honigum Putty + Light Body Kit Rubber Base Material

Rinse off residues of retraction solutions thoroughly with water because they can increase the setting time in some instances Never allow the impression to come into contact with organic solvents or liquids containing solvents as this may result in a swelling of the material and may therefore lead to inaccuracies in the cast Never allow the impression material to come into contact with latex gloves. DMG recommends the use of PVC or PE based gloves. Do not mix Honigum-Putty with condensation curing silicone or polyether impression materials. Description Honigum-Putty offers extraordinary recovery after deformation thus facilitating a precise reproduction of the oral situation. A precise detail reproduction is guaranteed. Thanks to the DMG-developed Snap-Set technology the new Honigum-Putty offers a so far unrivaled combination of comfortable working time and short time in mouth. Its generous working time reduces the »mix stress« to a minimum. Deformations due to already set material are prevented, and micro movements are reduced by the quicker cross linking. For the patient the shorter time in mouth translates into significantly more comfort during the treatment. Honigum-Putty is an impression material based on addition curing silicones. The material is available as a hand-mix version and in the ready-to-use pre-filled MixStar cartridge, which is suitable for use in the DMG MixStar-eMotion and other commercially available mixing machines. Composition Vinyl polysiloxanes Hydrogen polysiloxanes Silicium dioxide Pigments Additives Platinum catalyst Recommended use Double-mix impressions 1. Fill the tray with Honigum-Putty. 2. Syringe the preparation with Honigum-Light. Observe the associated instructions for use! Note: The filling of the tray and syringing should be completed at the same time as the higher temperature in the mouth leads to a quicker setting of the syringed material compared to the tray material. 3. Position the filled tray in the mouth within the working time, slowly and using very little force, and allow the impression to form. 4. Remove the impression from the mouth once the setting time has elapsed, INDICATIONS: Crown and bridge impressions Inlay and onlay impressions Packaging 2 x 450ml Soft Putty 2 x 450ml Light Body (Dispensing Gun & Tips Compatibility: 1:1)


Ivoclar Astropol Assortment Pack For finishing and polishing of restorations

The Astropol polishing system is especially designed for the finishing, polishing and high-gloss polishing of composite and ceromer materials. Astropol is a comprehensive finishing and polishing set that embraces three grit sizes and four differently shaped polishers for interdental and occlusal applications: Small Flame Large Flame Cup Disc Astropol F (finish) is suited for the removal of excess material and pre-polishing applications. Astropol P (polish) is designed for the polishing of restorations. Astropol P ensures a smooth surface finish and helps achieve first-class results particularly in conjunction with micro-filled composite materials (Heliomolar, Heliomolar Flow, Heliomolar HB). Astropol HP (high-gloss polish) is suitable for high-end results exhibiting very smooth, highly lustrous surfaces. These polishers are particularly recommended for hybrid composites (Tetric, Tetric EvoCeram, Tetric EvoFlow, Tetric Ceram HB). Composition Astropol F and Astropol P consist of silicone rubber, silicon carbide particles and colour pigments. Astropol HP contains silicone rubber, diamond particles, aluminium oxide, titanium oxide and iron oxide. The shanks are made of stainless steel. Indication Astropol is indicated for the finishing and polishing of restorations made of composite material and amalgam. Packaging Assortment Kit Contains- Polishing tips, coarse (F): 3 x Small Flames 3 x Large Flames 3 x Cups 3 x Discs Polishing tips, fine (P): 2 x Small Flames 2 x Large Flames 2 x Cups 2 x Discs Polishing tips, superfine (HP): 1 x Small Flame 1 x Large Flame 1 x Cup 1 x Disc


Shofu All Ceramic Preparation Kit

Shofu All Ceramic Preparation Kit The All Ceramic Preparation kit is specially created with an exclusive range of diamond burs for simple, efficient and accurate tooth preparation for full-ceramic, inlay/onlay and veneer restorations The special selection of 17 burs are created for clinical application in: 896,897: Specially designed burs for the preparation of depth orientation grooves. 896- 0.5mm depth for all ceramic laminate veneer preparation 897- 1.0mm depth for anterior tooth, all ceramic crown preparation 0836, 836V: Designed to prepare the anterior tooth, buccal surface of upper and lower pre-molar or cervical area on the lingual surface. Use 1/2 - 2/3 of the diameter,Head length 9mm, diameter 1.3mm with tapered angle of 4° 0839, 839V: Designed to prepare buccal and lingual surfaces of upper and lower molar teeth.For cervical area use 2/3 of the diameter Head length 9mm, diameter 1.5mm with tapered angle of 20° 0893, 893V: Designed for cutting upper / lower anterior tooth on lingual surface (to maintain occlusal space) and lower pre-molar on occlusal area.Head length 4.9mm 0899, 899V: Designed to reduce an upper pre-molar and the occlusal surface of an upper/ lower molar to maintain the occlusal space.Tapered 20° angle 808V: Use this diamond bur after the preparation is finished to eliminate the free enamel in the cervical area. Use a lower speed to avoid chipping the enamel.Head length 8mm 0833, 833V: Designed to slice cut at the interproximal surface or box preparation at the interproximal surface of class II inlay restoration. Use ½ the diameter, except when preparing the lingual cervical area of a lower anterior tooth use 2/3 the diameter.Head length 9mm, diameter 1.1mm (at the top of working part) with tapered 4° angle 0825, 825V,0826, 826V: Designed to prepare the occlusal box-form of an upper / lower pre-molar and molar 0826, 826V: Used for occlusal box-form for upper and lower molar.Head length 3.5mm, diameter 1.5mm and 2mm with tapered 20° angle Packaging Package: 17pcs of Diamond Points FG in 2 different grits (Regular & Superfine) Features A careful selection of a total of 17 burs for speedy, simple and accurate all-ceramic preparation work 2 specially designed depth cutting burs to achieve precise depth orientation grooves for accurate labial reduction during crown and veneer preparation Sequenced grades of 2 grits Regular:(no marking on the shank) Super-Fine:(yellow band on the shank) All 17 burs are placed in a hygienically organized bur stand for convenient storage and easy replacement.


Ivoclar Variolink N Intro Pack

Variolink N is a dual-cure and light-cure luting composite for glass-ceramic, lithium disilicate glass-ceramic and composite resin restorations. The esthetic luting resin from the N-Cement Collection is characterized by a high radiopacity and harmonious shade spectrum. The special amine-reduced cement Varliolink N LC produces optimum results, particularly in anterior teeth. This solely light-cure material enables very thin (< 2 mm) and highly translucent restorations to be seated esthetically. Variolink N LC is available in the following versions: Clear, +1 and +2. Intro Pack:- Base transparent, Catalyst transparent/low viscosity, Monobond N, Liquid Strip, various accessories. Composition The monomer matrix of Variolink N is composed of bisGMA, urethane dimethacrylate, and triethylene glycol dimethacrylate. The inorganic fillers are barium glass, ytterbium trifluoride, Ba-Al-fluorosilicate glass, and spheroid mixed oxide. Additional contents: initiators, stabilizers and pigments. The particle size is 0.04–3.0 µm. The mean particle size is 0.7 µm Indications Variolink N is suitable for the cementation of indirect restorations made of leucite-reinforced glass-ceramics (IPS Empress), lithium disilicate glass-ceramics (IPS e.max CAD/Press) and composite resins (SR Nexco), for example Veneers Inlay/Onlays Crowns Packaging 2 x 1.5g Syringes (Base transparent and Catalyst transparent/low viscosity) 1 x 5gm Monobond N 1 x 2.5gm Liquid Strip